RCL Update: Trea Takes Over

I can still remember the time when I was blissfully locking down 40 homers and 25 steals to start my Writer’s League draft. Since that time my Razzball Commenter League world has been turned upside down and there’s a new top pick in town. Trea Turner has now secured the #1 overall pick six times with Bo Bichette and Jose Ramirez each grabbing the top spot once as well. Tatis meanwhile has tanked to a 73.2 ADP and has been drafted anywhere from 31st to 110th. It’s tough judging the value of Tatis + replacement player all while clogging up an IL spot for a couple of months, but I have found myself starting to look for him around pick 100 or so but have so far, missed his injury-discounted price. It’s a bad situation and one I wish we didn’t have to deal with, but fantasy baseballers are nothing if not adaptable. We’ll keep tabs on all the ADP changes over the next couple of weeks as draft season marches on. Speaking of drafts…


I’m going to kick things off this week by pleading the case for several leagues in need to managers. I’m not sure why, but the leagues this year are filling slower than ever before. Even during the COVID shortened season, the RCLs were filling up. I think some of it is lockout related, but that can’t account for all of it. Every year though people ask me how they can get into the competitive RCLs, well, ask no more. Here is a list of RCLs in need of active managers that will be near the top in the league, competitive index come season’s end. You have been given notice! Clicking the links below enters you into the league, so only click if you want to play. Many of these draft dates are TBD as we look to fill the leagues before nailing something down.

Frequent Commenter League Pretty self explanatory: play with a bunch of frequent commenters including Grimey, VinWins, and more.

Original Recipe One of, if not the, longest running RCL. It’s time to inject some new blood into the league as several previous owners have left over time.

Crab Army – A league made up of members of a league started back in the ice age known as the Razz30, a 30 team dynasty league with a basis in real-life MLB teams. It’s since becoming its own monster but the members are awesome and the league should stay mediocrely active.

DFSers Anonymous – This league is my baby. It’s a $25 RCL made up of current and former DFS writers and players as well as some commenters who have jumped in to fill spots over the years. This league is almost always in the top 5 or 6 most competitive leagues.

You can pop down to the spreadsheet for the others, but we have many open spots in money leagues, including a $20 one with both myself and B_Don that we had to push out after not filling it Sunday (moved to this coming Sunday night). There’s a nooner on this coming Saturday for $10, a $20 league with Steve Paulo, and if free is your thing there’s this one drafting TONIGHT at 8 PM ET that needs two more peeps! Basically, anything you could want, you can jump in down below.


This week we’ll take a look at all of Gray’s sleepers and where their current RCL ADP has them landing so you know when to strike. Can’t remember whose tires December Gray was pumping? That’s OK, I’ve got you covered. As always, feel free to open up the RCL ADP SPREADSHEET that I maintain for all of your viewing pleasure and check out your own sleeper target’s ADP. You can also just copy out the data to your own Excel sheet and use it in your own War Room if that tickles your fancy. Enjoy!


We’ve got RCL ADP! Here’s a list from our 17 league sample of some players whose ADPs I was curious about and some general notes.

Dylan Cease is the most…awoken of Gray’s sleepers, which I hope is a sign since he is also the ace of my Writer’s League squad. Jarred Kelenic is the most hyped on the offensive side of the ball. Willy Adames and Gleyber Torres are the two SS I look at if I’ve missed on any of the top guys, Gleyber especially has a nice discount. The pick range on Adolis is something else. You do need to have a build that is either punting average entirely or can take the hit he’s likely to bring in that department. That power/speed combo is tough to pass up though. That Ranger/Houck/Montgomery section of the draft is just about the final spot I’m looking for starters in the RCLs. Anything much after that is stream worthy in my opinion, but you play your game, I’ll play mine. Jo Adell is a guy I want everywhere, but I sometimes forget about and fill my OF before I get there. I finally remembered and waited in my most recent RCL draft only to get sniped right before my pick. I settled for Marsh there, who is another guy most people seem to be forgetting. That 300 ADP means there are leagues where he wasn’t drafted at all.


If you open up my RCL ADP Spreadsheet, you’ll see some tabs at the bottom for ADP by date. This can be handy in eliminating early noise like Tatis going 1.1 for a week and a half or Kris Bryant signing with the Rockies now. Our biggest movement from the last week is a tale of injury woe. Jack Flaherty, ADley Rutschman, Chris Sale and Tatis have all seen big falls. Ian Happ has had a big dip as well, maybe because of the Seiya signing?

Kris Bryant has seen a decent spike, which I think will only grow as he was grabbed in the third (28th overall) in my most recent RCL draft. Jarren Duran saw an uptick this week for some reason too, along with a handful of crappy closers, which is probably my doing as I run the “3-4 starters and a stable of maybe closers” draft strategy.


Click the LINK in the ‘League Link’ column (see below grid) for the time you want and YOU’RE IN. Damn, that’s too easy. Oh, I guess I should also mention make sure you’re joining a league for free or for money, depending on your preference. If you want a league for money, then 1) Click the link. 2) Pay the money. That’s it! No pesky third requirement! Again, Fantrax and Razzball take no money. You can join as many free or paid leagues as you like. To quit a league, go to OTHER -> All Options -> Quit League (located at the bottom). Now go join some leagues!

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