DFS Picks, May 8th, 2022 Fantasy Baseball DFS.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and grandmothers. I always carry a mental picture of my mom in the stands of my Little League games, rain or shine, cheering for her son’s team. At that age, I was either a pitcher or catcher, so I could hear her a lot too! Let’s just say, she was a big fan of her boys! My grandmother was a big Yankee fan and to this day, I remember when I was a young kid in the early 80’s sitting with her watching the likes of Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, Willie Randolph, Ron Guidry and Dave Righetti. I’m not sure how I didn’t grow up a Yankee fan after that but what I wouldn’t give to have one more day with her watching the Yankees. In honor of our wonderful mothers, grandmothers, and all “moms” in-between, today’s FanDuel suggestions are dedicated to all of you.

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Joe MusgroveSP: FD: $10,000 – Mick Jagger gave us “Mother of a Man” and that’s exactly what Joe Musgrove has been for the Padres this season…The Man! Through 5 starts, Joe is sporting a 1.97/0.91 ERA/WHIP with 33 punchouts. He’ll look to continue his run of 4 straight wins today in Miami. If mama gave me milk money, I’d be placing it on Joe today.

Jordan Montgomery, SP: FD: $TBD – My grandmother, my favorite Yankee fan, would tell me that Jordan Montgomery is quietly having a very good start to the season. Since she would have watched all his games so far, she would tell me not to look at his 0-1 record, instead note that he’s locating his pitches well and inducing weak contact to a sub-3.00 ERA and 1.00 WHIP. She’d also say I should not expect Jordan to give me high strikeout numbers, but he will keep the pin-strippers in the game…and since the Yankees have been providing good run support, I should expect solid stats and a W. It’s your day grandma, so I’ll go with your suggestion. NOTE: Montgomery is listed as the Game 2 starter today but FanDuel doesn’t yet have a price published as of this writing.

Salvador PerezC/1B: FD: $TBD – When you’re expected to be arguably the best producing catcher in fantasy baseball but come up far short, there is a more appropriate tune than”Mama Can’t Buy You Love” for Salvador Perez? His overall line (.167/.211/.378) is truly dreadful but as you dig a little deeper, the struggles are clearly linked to facing RHP. His isolated slash versus LHP (.364/.364/.682) is respectable. The Royals have a double-dip in Baltimore but I’m targeting the game versus LHP Bruce Zimmermann for my play today. Salvy didn’t forget how to hit, so when others are selling, it’s time for me to buy. NOTE: Similar to Montgomery, FanDuel does not have a price published yet for Game 2.

Ty France. C/1B: FD: $3,800 – Ty France was the darling of the DFS world a couple weeks ago but appears to have since woken from dreamland to the grind of the season. The Mariners are scheduled to face off against Ryan Yarbrough who struggled in his debut versus the A’s earlier in the week. Ty is historically strong versus LHP, so I’ll take a nice floor with a potent upside. I also don’t expect high ownership today so BB King’s “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother” seems the appropriate tune here.

Jose Altuve2B: FD: $3,300 – You might be hearing The Judds”Mama He’s CrazyAfter I share Jose Altuve’s early season stats versus RHP (.598 OPS with 1 HR). While those are not encouraging, I see potential. Take 2021 as a comparison, .862 OPS with 24 HRs versus the same RHP. There is plenty of growth coming. Combine that with the fact that Altuve is averaging 15.45 FD points per game since his return to the lineup, including a HR yesterday. He’s worth a play today.

Anthony Rendon3B: FD: $3,200 – Sure, an Ozzy song would be appropriate if I selected the Braves 2B but Anthony Rendon is facing off against his former mates so”Mama I’m Coming Home” is the tune in my head here. If you’re a frequent reader of my Razzball contributions, you know I have an affinity for Rendon. In my April 14 column, I told you “Rendon historically has more success versus RHP…and guess what, Erick Feede just happens to be a RHP. Since that suggestion, Rendon has 7 double-digit outings in FD, punctuated by his 28-point game earlier this week. I suppose Ozzy’s song is relevant to my 3B picks as well!

Xander Bogaerts, SS: FD: $3,600 – Picture this…pair a SS with a 3-season .310/.383/.418 triple slash versus LHP against an LHP sporting an early-season 8.40 ERA and 2.33 WHIP. I hear Eric Clapton singing “Holy Mother” as I confidently plug this player into my lineup today.

Ramon LaureanoOF: FD: $TBD – “Mother’s Little Helper” returns to the A’s today following his 80-game suspension. Laureano provides a good combination of power and speed, which always plays well in DFS and fantasy alike. It remains to be seen how long it takes him to get his game rhythm back, but I would take a shot on him making an immediate impact. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen today as FanDuel does not yet include him as an OF selection. As low-cost alternatives, I suggest considering Bryan Reynolds ($2,700), Andrew Benintendi ($2,600) or Brandon Marsh ($2,800).

Jordan AlvarezOF: FD: $3,900 – “Mama Said Knock You out” is the appropriate song title for Yordan Alvarez today. He will be an expensive option but well worth the cost. Looking at his 2022 stats versus RHP: 7 HRs, 11 Rs, 12 RBIs and a .295/.380/.795 triple slash. Is that good? Listen to LL Cool J (and me) by investing in Alvarez.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Rain has been reaping havoc across MLB all week. Weather will be a factor today as well, but not rain this time – strong winds will be a factor at a number of ballparks today, generally helping pitchers on the East Coast/Midwest and hitters on the West Coast.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Did you know the Rockies are 3-1 in Sunday games so far this season? No? Then, what are you paying attention to then? As I write this, they are +100 versus Zac Gallen and the D-Backs. Something must give! Your mom will probably caution you to stay away from this suggestion, but for those who are willing to capitalize on the weekend of the longshots (a la Rich Strike winning the Derby yesterday), take a shot here.

There you have it, my DFS Ode to Moms everywhere. Let me know your favorite Mother’s Day plays with the appropriate song. Share your feedback here and follow The Lineup Builder (@Derek_Favret) on Twitter.

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