“Suffering” Norris pleased to almost reach Q3 despite illness RaceFans

In the round-up: Lando Norris revealed he was unwell qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix where he almost reached Q3.

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Norris pleased to almost reach Q3 despite “suffering” with illness

Norris finished Q2 in 10th place and originally progressed through to the final phase, until his best time was deleted by the stewards for narrowly exceeding track limits on the exit of turn 12.

Asked by RaceFans if he was physically feeling well due to his visible discomfort after the session, Norris said “I’ve been much better. I’ve not been great all weekend, to be honest with you.

“I’m just suffering with my throat and my eyes and seeing, which doesn’t help,” he continued. “My sleep and everything – energy levels are probably the worst I’ve had in a long time. So definitely not at my peak this weekend.

“But I was so happy even to be into Q3 and to do the lap I did with how this weekend’s gone so far. I was quite surprised by it, it does make me feel good.”

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Collet ‘didn’t want to take podium from Correa’

Caio Collet, who finished third in the Barcelona Formula 3 sprint race, said that although he did not hesitate to pass Juan-Manuel Correa, he did regret having to take a possible podium finish from the American driver.

Correa recovered from life-threatening injuries sustained in the Formula 2 crash that took Anthoine Hubert’s life at Spa in 2019, returning to racing last season in Formula 3.

“He’s one of the guys that I don’t want to take the podium away from,” Collet said. “He deserves it quite a lot. And when I saw him, I felt it was bad, but I knew I had to go for it.”

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Pulling “indebted” to rival Powell, despite on-track battles

Abbi Pulling overtook Alice Powell at the very start of the Barcelona W Series race and then fought to keep the more experienced driver behind her.

Pulling is a protege of Powell, who coached her during her time in British F4, with the pair also sharing a flat together. She is an Alpine Academy affiliate driver, with Powell now also holding a role as a talent identifier and coach to the junior driver programme.

“I really appreciate everything that Alice has done for me,” Pulling said. “If it wasn’t for Alice I wouldn’t be in a lot of places. She introduced me to Alpine and got me that connection with them.

“So I’m almost indebted to what she’s done to my career. We’ve got so much respect for each other on track. As much as we’re racing each other and we’ll probably discuss this when we’re home – she’ll be like ‘if you didn’t get past me at the start,’ this and that and I’ll say the same and we’ll go back and forth with it forever. It’s a nice kind of dynamic that we have. It’s quite unique and I really enjoy it.”

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