Spanish GP showed Williams is “missing so much” compared to rival cars

In the round-up: Nicholas Latifi says last weekend’s race in Spain shows Williams have a fundamental lack of downforce compared to their rivals.

In brief

Catalunya spotlighted Williams’ deficit – Latifi

The first day of practice at the Spanish Grand Prix was “the worst Friday we’ve had in three years”, said Latifi.

“This track just relies so much on maximum downforce, so although the balance is not perfect, this track has exposed we’re just missing so much,” he explained.

While his team mate Alexander Albon has delivered some points finishes for the team this year, the Circuit de Catalunya proved their weakest track so far.

“This track is the reference track for everyone,” said Latifi, “you just put the downforce you have. And we’re still one of the quickest on the straights by far – so that shows we need a bit more – and we’re very, very slow in the corners, especially the high speed, compared to everyone else.

“It just makes managing the tires so much more difficult. You’re just constantly sliding around. So it definitely gives, I think, some good info for the guys back in the factory.”

Alfa Romeo working hard on reliability after double retirement – ​​Zhou

After suffering retirements in both Miami and Barcelona, ​​Zhou Guanyu is confident Alfa Romeo have resolved the reliability problems on his car.

The 2022 rookie said Monaco was a track it was especially important to trust your car at. “It’s a place where you need to respect the track and finding the right feeling in the practice sessions will be very important, but I know the team is behind me and I can rely on them to make the most of the weekend.

“We have all been working very hard to make sure reliability issues don’t get in the way of our work anymore and I’m confident we can show again how competitive we can be. I have some very good memories from Monaco, where I won last year [in Formula 2] and I am keen to make more now that I am in F1.”

Chance of overtakes “minuscule” but crashes “massive” in 2022 cars at Monaco

Lewis Hamilton has said that Monaco’s traditional grand prix circuit leaves 2022 F1 cars with almost no chance of performing overtakes.

“Our cars are bigger than ever before, wider than ever before, the track is the same width that it’s been forever and we’re faster than ever through Monaco so the percentage chance of overtaking is minuscule, the chances of crashing are massive and so qualifying position is everything,” he explained.

Hamilton, who has won the Monaco Grand Prix three times, described it as “a track where you have to be able to have your cake and eat it, in terms of how you approach each corner. In other circuits sometimes you brake a little bit earlier going in and work on making sure you get the exit; in Monaco you want to make sure you take everything on the way in and everything on the way out.”

Ferrari adds Fabrizio Donoso to F1 esports line-up

Ferrari’s esports team has signed repeated F1 esports finalist Fabrizio Donoso to its squad. The Chilean sim racer has competed in every year of the tournament, having been with Renault and Alpine’s esports team for the past two years.

“Coming into 2022, my future wasn’t decided and I can say today I’m very lucky that Ferrari put its trust in me for the upcoming season,” said Donoso.

“Racing for that legendary name has always been a dream of mine for those who know me very well and it’s finally coming true. I’m looking forward to the season with Brendon [Leigh, 2017 and 18 champion] David [Tonizza, 2019 champion] and Kamil [Pawlowski] as I’m sure we can achieve the success we want.”

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