Bouncing makes this “by far the hardest Monaco ever” for Russell RaceFans

In the round-up: George Russell says that the Monaco Grand Prix “is not going to be pleasant” for Mercedes due to how stiff the car is over bumps

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In brief

Russell expects Monaco is “not going to be pleasant” to race

George Russell is braced for a punishing Monaco Grand Prix today.

Despite qualifying sixth on the grid for today’s Monaco Grand Prix, Russell anticipates an uncomfortable race for him and team mate Lewis Hamilton due to their car’s stiff ride problems.

“It’s not going to be pleasant to be honest,” said Russell. “FP1, when we didn’t have the car at its softest, was a real challenge for both Lewis and I. And it’s kind of tough, but you’ve got to sort of suck it up and get on with it. That’s all we can do.

“This was by far the hardest Monaco I’ve ever experienced – and I’ve been in one of the most challenging cars there was to drive in recent times. So I think it’s not been easy for everybody. I think it’s been a step worse compared to the previous era of cars.”

Q1 red flag did not appear on system, says Williams’ Robson

Williams’ head of vehicle performance Dave Robson says that the red flag called during Q1 did not originally show up on teams’ pit wall systems.

The first phase of qualifying was halted with just under two minutes of time remaining when Yuki Tsunoda hit the barrier on entry to the Nouvelle Chicane and punctured a tire. But when race director Eduardo Freitas called for the red flag, Robson says, the teams did not receive a notification.

“Certainly that one at the end of Q1 surprised us a bit because it didn’t come up on the system,” said Robson.

“I don’t know whether that means race control hadn’t pressed the button or there was a problem with the system, but the first we knew was Nicholas saying on the radio our initial response was ‘no, it’s not-carry on’ , to which he said, ‘no, we can definitely see the marshals waving the red flags’. So we had to stop and then it went on the system.

“To be honest, I’m still not hundred percent sure exactly what it was for. I think if there was something on the track, or something in the wall, then there probably was no choice. But it was a slightly odd way it came about.”

Daruvala predicted Hughes’ start-line stall

Jehan Daruvala had to react very quickly to Jake Hughes stalling ahead of him on the Monaco start line. Hughes, who led the partially-reversed grid for the sprint race, failed to make it off the line, when the race began. All drivers successfully avoided his stricken Van Amersfoort car.

Daruvala, who finished the race second, revealed he positioned his car to avoid Hughes. “I knew Jake had a full rebuild of the car last night after his heavy impact in qualifying,” Daruvala explained. “So I just angled my car right off the line.

“My engineer warned me a bit just to watch out and unfortunate for him that he stalled but now we go through safely and I managed to gain one position.”

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