Choosing the Best Antivirus Software

Choosing the best antivirus software is a daunting process. You must select a program that is suitable for your operating-system and that delivers the right features for your needs. The best antivirus program will also be convenient to use. You should also choose a program that gives good customer service. You should also explore the … Read more

Why regionalising F1’s calendar is a worthwhile step towards cutting its emissions RaceFans

All sport has a carbon footprint but international motorsport’s colossal freight logistics present its greatest obstacle to reducing its impact on the environment. The past few years have seen an expectation arise for motorsport championships to monitor and publicly report their sustainability efforts. And while some are quick to portray the competitions themselves as ‘gas … Read more

Luis The Red Shocks Red Sox

Louie…Kah-steel-yo…Cah-still-oh…Cah-stee-low…Lou-ess Cah-sty-lo. Did I get it? Was it in there somewhere? I took thirteen years of Spanish (as detailed in my ebook Who Is Gray Albright — available in our shop!) and my Anglo tongue can’t get Luis Castillo out (6 IP, 0 ER, 1 hit, 3 walks, 10 Ks, ERA at 3.38) but he … Read more

2022 Indianapolis 500: The Rookie Report

The 106th Indianapolis 500 was one for the history books, as Marcus Ericsson took home his first ever Borg-Warner Trophy in a thrilling race. For seven drivers in the field, this was their first ever attempt at the legendary race. On top of the five rookies that are considered rookies for the entire 2022 season, … Read more

Ashby No Questions And Tells Cubs No Lies

Hope everyone had a glorious Memorial Day, while placing some hot dogs in your gullet and swallowing them whole with some cheap beer. Like George Washington would’ve wanted it! George used to remove his wooden teeth and eat hot dogs whole. True story. So, I’ve become Mr. Pull My Pitcher With 90 Pitches. I hate … Read more