The Pros and Cons to Online Skin-Care Prescriptions

Telehealth experienced an awakening during the darkest moments of the pandemic. From primary care providers to their dermatologists, people needed to find a way to seek professional care from home. Online skin-care prescription services, like Curology, Ro Derm and Apostrophe, have seen a surge alongside telehealth and it seems to continue even as the days … Read more

7 Things That Should Never Happen When You Get a Facial

Getting a facial should result in an amazing-looking complexion, but sometimes, this skin care solution can leave your face looking more raw and red than healthy and radiant. Next time you’re really not sure if your skin is having an entirely positive experience post-treatment, turn to these expert-supplied signs. You May Also Like: How Often Should … Read more

Plastic Surgeons Say These 18 Things Are Dead Giveaways You’ve Had Work Done

Most plastic surgeons will tell you: The best plastic surgery is a subtle transformation—not a drastic change where everyone who looks at you thinks you look completely different. “The biggest giveaway of ‘good’ plastic surgery is when someone looks just too young for their age,” says New York facial plastic surgeon Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD.  So how does the … Read more

17 Best Razors for Men in 2022 Reviewed

There’s no reason to settle for shaving devices that leave you with ingrown hairs or a bad case of razor burn: Invest in one of the best razors for men instead and banish post-shave irritated skin forever. Of course, if you’re experiencing consistent irritation, you might need to switch up your general approach—either by overhauling … Read more

The Difference Between Mineral and Chemical Sunscreen

Other experts fall somewhere in the middle, recommending some chemical filters but not others. “In my personal opinion, I recommend avoiding oxybenzone, not only due to absorption concerns, but also due to its high rates of allergic reactions,” Dr. Shah shares. “Otherwise, I continue to recommend the other approved chemical sunscreens like avobenzone and octocrylene.” … Read more

5 Clay Masks That Detox Skin Without Drying it Out

Clay’s ability to absorb oil and impurities makes it a no-brainer addition to the most effective detoxifying masks. In the past, such treatments were so drying, some were known for leaving behind a tight, dehydrated complexion as a result. Today’s launches, however, leave skin feeling hydrated and nourished with a side of serious skin-perfecting benefits … Read more