Teacher Secrets We All Do But Don’t Admit

Society expects a lot from those in charge of educating children. That often means we need to be on our best behavior … or at least look like we are! Alas, not everyone is perfect. We all have several teacher secrets we keep hidden from those outside the world of education. But we can definitely … Read more

What Is the Science of Reading?

When it comes down to it, reading might be the most important skill kids learn in school. Being a fluent reader opens up endless opportunities for lifelong learning. That’s why schools and teachers everywhere are constantly trying to improve the way they teach this fundamental skill. One phrase that’s emerged in recent years is the … Read more

DIY Classroom Cubbies and More Storage Solutions

Kids tote a lot of stuff to school and use a lot more while they’re there. And they need places to stash it all! If your school or classroom doesn’t have built-in cubbies or lockers, you might be looking for other solutions. These DIY classroom cubbies provide options for handy teachers who love to build, … Read more

25 Fascinating 4th of July Facts

Despite it’s early adoption as a state holiday, July 4th wasn’t declared a Federal holiday until 1941. 4. The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is tapped 13 times every July 4th in honor of the original 13 colonies. The Liberty Bell explicitly states its purpose with an inscription that reads “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land … Read more

12 Authentic Starting Points For Learning –

Learning–real, informal, authentic, and lifelong learning–can ‘begin’ with just about anything. In that way, this is obviously not an exhaustive list. Nor am I implying that these are ‘the best’ starting points or that they would be in every case effective in your classroom. There are simply too many variables. What I hope to accomplish … Read more