Things To See And Do In Bern This Summer

The Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is home to a wide variety of fun, summertime, outdoor activities that will certainly quench your insatiable thirst for adventure. Last year, we sent Jenny Jones and Hersha Patel out there to report back on the area’s offering and, well, it’s fair to say they enjoyed themselves. Here’s what they … Read more

Why You Need To Visit Vaud This Summer

Easily accessed and explored from Geneva, the Vaud Region of Switzerland is well worth making an effort for this summer. A train ride of just over two hours will take you right into the heart of the area’s good stuff (and, my word, there’s a lot of good stuff here). This is what Jenny Jones … Read more

Netflix’s HOMEGAME features “pehlwani” with a Dangal twist

“The wrestlers are only born from the soil” Netflix’s HOMEGAME is a fascinating sports-centric documentary web television series that focuses on some of the globe’s weirdest, extreme, traditional national sports. It will take you to a place and into the cultures where these unusual games were born and have flourished throughout these years. The first … Read more

Youngest Asian WOMAN to become an IRONMAN

“I was always taught that accepting failure is not an option unless you think you have given it your all.” 20 years old Ravija Singal, lives in Mumbai and she spends most of the time listening to music, reading and writing. She is the youngest Asian woman to bag the Iron Man title at Busselton, … Read more