If English Have a Subjunctive, What Be It? – World of Better Learning

Lawrence J. Zwier is an Associate Director of the English Language Center, Michigan State University. He has taught ESL/EFL at universities in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and the US Larry is the author of numerous ELT textbooks, mostly about reading and vocabulary, and also writes non-fiction books about history and geography for middle school … Read more

Integrated Technology in the ESL Classroom

A helpful blog post about how technology can be integrated into the ESL classroom, with links to research and studies, to help teachers know what works. If you’ve taught English as a second language (ESL) for a few years, you’ll have noticed changes in how educational technology, or edtech, is used. Things like tablets, gamification, … Read more

How power skills bring long-term rewards for students

There’s a good chance you know power skills by another name. Traditionally called “soft skills”, they include competencies such as leadership, problem solving, and creativity. Now, they have undergone something of a rebrand. The impressive new name means these key skill sets are finally getting the recognition they deserve. In a world where the global … Read more

Benefits of Play-Based Learning | Cambridge English

Tanya Paes is a final year PhD student at Cambridge, whose specialism is in play-based learning and children’s cognitive development. She has recently published a research paper for the Cambridge Papers in ELT series entitled, ‘Developing Life Skills through Play’. This blog post is produced from an interview with Tanya and expands upon her research … Read more

Understanding and developing Digital Literacy | World of Better Learning

Development of skills in Digital Literacy is crucial in helping students become lifelong learners. To help you understand what this involves, we have carried out extensive research to produce a Digital Literacy introductory guide for teachers and educational managers. The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework provides a map of the most important skills learners need to … Read more