Benefits of Play-Based Learning | Cambridge English

Tanya Paes is a final year PhD student at Cambridge, whose specialism is in play-based learning and children’s cognitive development. She has recently published a research paper for the Cambridge Papers in ELT series entitled, ‘Developing Life Skills through Play’. This blog post is produced from an interview with Tanya and expands upon her research … Read more

Understanding and developing Digital Literacy | World of Better Learning

Development of skills in Digital Literacy is crucial in helping students become lifelong learners. To help you understand what this involves, we have carried out extensive research to produce a Digital Literacy introductory guide for teachers and educational managers. The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework provides a map of the most important skills learners need to … Read more

Professional learning from teacher educators

If COVID-19 has a silver lining, it undoubtedly is the learning opportunities the shift online has provided. Even though there have been challenges, most ELT teachers and teacher educators have developed digital knowledge and skills, pedagogic beliefs and confidence with technology which would not necessary have happened without the forced transition online. In this post, … Read more

“Landing The Plane” In The Sacramento Teachers & Support Staff Eight-Day Strike

Our unions and the district reached contracts late Sunday night – school is open tomorrow, Monday! Editor’s Note: My Ed Week column, What the Teacher and Classified-Staff Strike in Sacramento Means for the Country, is a good companion piece to this guest post. Alice Mercer teaches fourth grade at an elementary school in Sacramento, CA. … Read more

Once Upon a Noun: Using Stories to Teach Grammar – World of Better Learning

Nicole Brun-Mercer holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, and has taught English and trained teachers in the United States, France, Switzerland, Russia, and Guinea. Her research interests include grammar, vocabulary, corpus linguistics, reading, and composition. In this article, Nicole shares strategies for using storytelling to teach grammar. The power of … Read more

The Role Of Stimulation In Learner Engagement

One of my most engaging learning experiences is also one of my most successful: learning to ride a bicycle. Unlike some of my subject classes in secondary school, learning to ride a bicycle was never boring. In fact, it was quite the opposite: the experience was stimulating. All of my senses were engaged – the … Read more