How Do I Start Surfing In The UK?

With over 31,000km of coastline, the UK is a great place to dip your toes into the world of surfing (No pun intended!). British people certainly do love to talk about the weather, and that’s because we get such a range of conditions throughout the year. Surfing is great in the cold winter months, even … Read more

Paddleboarding In London – Where Can You Go?

When you think about paddleboarding in the UK you might first picture somewhere at the seaside or a rural river location. It’s certainly true that stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has become a popular recreational pastime on all kinds of waterways across the country. You might be more surprised to learn that many Londoners now own … Read more

Best Waterproof Key Pouches (2022)

Heading out on the water when you have traveled by car creates the problem of where to store your keys safely. Leaving them unattended is a surefire way of getting them and your car stolen, but on the other hand water and electronic key fobs are not a good mix. Unless you have a mate … Read more

Is Surfing Hard? Tips To Make It Easy

Surfing is undeniably one of the most endorphin-inducing activities I have ever taken on. Coming home after a long day on the waves with salty hair and your board under your arm, could not be a more satisfying feeling. As a beginner, popping up and gliding in towards the shore brings nothing but happiness. If … Read more

Wave Sups Paddleboard Review | Watersports Pro

If you’re on a budget but desperate to get paddleboarding this summer, then you won’t go far wrong with investing in a Wave paddleboard. Wave has done a remarkable job of producing a complete package that has the finish and quality of something way above its price range, so in terms of value, we haven’t … Read more

WIND FORECASTS + SESSION PLANNING — Poseidon Watersports School | Kitesurfing, Kitesurfing Lessons, Wingfoiling, Wingfoiling Lessons

Ever wondered what people are on about when they talk about force 4? Developed by Sir Francis Beaufort, the Beaufort scale is a visual system for identifying how strong the breeze is. Much simpler than doing the mental maths of converting mph to knots to kph. Now you know how to read the weather, the … Read more