5 Oral Learning Feedback Strategies For ESL Classrooms –

contributed by Aziz Ghannaj It goes without saying that feedback is an essential concept in language teaching as it “has a place in most theories of second language (L2) learning and language pedagogy” (Ellis, 2009). It should be used to enhance learning within an ESL classroom. Interestingly, oral feedback is the most frequent type of … Read more

The Role Of Stimulation In Learner Engagement

One of my most engaging learning experiences is also one of my most successful: learning to ride a bicycle. Unlike some of my subject classes in secondary school, learning to ride a bicycle was never boring. In fact, it was quite the opposite: the experience was stimulating. All of my senses were engaged – the … Read more

The Best Classroom Rewards from Dollar Tree

Looking to freshen things up in the treasure box, add more items to the class store, or just need fun ideas to praise your students’ positive behavior? Look no further! Purchasing classroom rewards for your kids does not (and should not) have to hurt your budget. Flip your mindset: Think smarter, not more expensive! Your … Read more